Immigrant Finances #15: Dr. Chipo Dendere

Immigrant Finances - Interview Series Featuring Chipo Dendere

I am very happy to present 15th guest of the interview series – Dr. Chipo Dendere. She is a Zimbabwean born scholar of political science. I study factors that influence party survival and democratization in the developing world. As a Consortium for Diversity – Post-Doctoral fellow At Amherst College, I teach Political Sciences classes on African Politics and Democratization in the Developing World.

All You Need to Know About Sending Money Overseas

The international money transfer industry, like many others, has transformed significantly since the turn of the last century. While this field was the domain of banks and a handful of high-street forex brokers in the past, it has witnessed a FinTech explosion of sorts in recent times. However, now that people have scores of options from which to choose, deciding which service provider to select might seem daunting. It does not have to be – provided you pay attention to a few simple aspects.

Immigrant Finances #13: Brenda

Immigrant Finances - Interview Series Featuring Brenda

I am excited to present the 13th guest of the series, Brenda. She is a Nurse Practitioner on a mission to pursue financial independence!

Immigrant Finances #12: Sebastian From Money Saved Is Money Earned

Immigrant Finances Interview Series - Sebasitian, Money Saved Is Money Earned

I am excited to present the 12th guest of the series Sebastian. He is the co-author the blog MoneySavedIsMoneyEarned. He co-authors the blog so that he could share his knowledge of finance topics in order to help others understand finance and reach their money goals.