Why Everyone Should Have A Sinking Fund

Have you ever trained for a marathon? For a beginner who hasn’t done it before, this can look like an impossible task. It can be very discouraging when you are unable to break up your practice sessions into small “meaningful milestones.”

If you were to run a marathon, you don’t want to be sprinting your way through it. When you know in advance that you need to preserve your energy till you cross the finish line, you’d want to pace yourself accordingly. Doing so allows you to not only pass the finish line but also do it in a way that doesn’t make you hate marathons!

Immigrant Finances #6: Rupa Pereira

Immigrant Finances - Interview Series Featuring Rupa Pereira

I am excited to present the 6th guest of the interview series, Rupa Pereira. She is a Tech Entrepreneur, interested in Corporate & Personal Finance, Strategy & Operations. She believes in Purposeful Living.

5 Things That Can Ruin Your FI Plans

5 Things That Can Ruin Your FI Plans

Like anything worthwhile in life, if you want to achieve Financial Independence, nothing comes to you for free. Everyone pays a price for it. This often comes in the form of your time, energy, money etc. But when you finally get there, the “view” is beautiful. You’d totally forget all the pain you endured to reach your goal.

Financial Independence is also one such pursuit. It looks so promising when you hear about it the first time, you’ll want to achieve it at all costs. But as you get over the honeymoon phase of “wanting to be FI” to actually “doing what it takes to reach FI”, there is a good chance, your plans could fail.

Immigrant Finances #5: Financial Freedom Countdown

Immigrant Finances - Interview Series Featuring Financial Freedom Countdown

I am excited to present the 5th guest of the interview series, the blogger behind Financial Freedom Countdown. He runs a blog that is dedicated to helping you think differently about your financial challenges and how to live your best life.

How To Deal With A Boss Who Doesn’t Support You

How To Deal With A Boss Who Doesn't Support You

Have you ever worked on a team where you knew your boss wasn’t on your side? It can be very had to know this and still have no choice but to stick with the team and report to the same boss. Now before you dismiss this issue as trivial and say, “Screw the boss, I am not going to tolerate this nonsense. I am gonna quit my job and move on.” Unfortunately, this is not a choice for most of the Americans. The reasons can range from debt payments to not having an alternative source of income in case of a job loss. The reality is that people are forced to work with the same boss even though they hate doing so. It’s sad but true!