Why Everyone Should Have A Sinking Fund

Have you ever trained for a marathon? For a beginner who hasn’t done it before, this can look like an impossible task. It can be very discouraging when you are unable to break up your practice sessions into small “meaningful milestones.”

If you were to run a marathon, you don’t want to be sprinting your way through it. When you know in advance that you need to preserve your energy till you cross the finish line, you’d want to pace yourself accordingly. Doing so allows you to not only pass the finish line but also do it in a way that doesn’t make you hate marathons!

Is Emergency Fund Necessary?

Is Emergency Fund Necessary?

Today’s let’s talk about one of the sacred cows of the personal finance community – The Emergency Fund. Almost every personal finance guru out there will recommend you to have one and most of them would recommend you to carry some amount at least.

How To Choose The Right Budgeting System

How To Choose The Right Budgeting System?

When I first began to learn about budgeting, I was absolutely clueless. I was totally new to the concept of budgeting and it was a daunting task to choose the right budgeting system that would work for us. Once you know where you stand and what you hope to accomplish, it’s a matter of picking … Read moreHow To Choose The Right Budgeting System

6 Tips to Boost Your Monthly Savings

6 Practical Ways To Boost Your Monthly Savings

When you let your finances run on autopilot, it can be easy to lose track of all the places where you could save money. Worse, if you are not vigilant enough, lifestyle creep can catch you by surprise. Don’t miss out on any opportunity to save money and optimize your finances. I will share with … Read more6 Tips to Boost Your Monthly Savings

Clarity Money – Champion of Your Money

Clarity Money - Champion Of Your Money [Review]

If you are looking for an app that slices and dices your daily financial transactions and provides great insights into your spending habits, you might want to try Clarity Money. It’s absolutely free and is used by approximately 1.5 million users.  How It Works Clarify Money in their own words. At Clarity Money, we believe … Read moreClarity Money – Champion of Your Money