Immigrant Finances – Interview Series

Immigrant Finances - Interview Series
Immigrant Finances – Interview Series

Are you a first-generation immigrant in the US? If yes, would you like to be part of this interview series? This series will focus on personal finance for first-generation immigrants and the unique challenges they face. 

How can you be part of this interview series?

If you are interested, shoot me an email: with the subject line –Immigrant Finance Series – Interview Series. I will get back to you with the interview questionnaire.

Please note that I reserve the right to make any edits as necessary and I would like your submissions to have answers in detail. Please do not submit one-word or one-line answers. They will not be accepted. I need more detail.

The more detailed your answers, the better your interview will do. So try to share answers in as much detail as possible.

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Featured Interviews

  1. Immigrant Finances #1: Small Budget Retirement
  2. Immigrant Finances #2: Rocky Lalvani From Richer Soul
  3. Immigrant Finances #3: Catherine Agopcan
  4. Immigrant Finances #4: Frugal Latino
  5. Immigrant Finances #5: Financial Freedom Countdown
  6. Immigrant Finances #6: Rupa Pereira
  7. Immigrant Finances #7: Dreamer Money
  8. Immigrant Finances #8: Rich & Regular
  9. Immigrant Finances #9: Little Seeds Of Wealth
  10. Immigrant Finances #10: Joe Chuck
  11. Immigrant Finances #11: Sergio A

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