Immigrant Finances #11: Sergio A

Immigrant Finances - Interview Series Featuring Sergio A

I am excited to present the 11th guest of the series, another anonymous reader Sergio A. I’m a computer engineer working for the automotive industry. I enjoy learning and have recently been interested in personal finance which I spent the last year learning about. My other hobbies include playing soccer and smash ultimate competitively. My short term goal is to have 200,000 invested before 30.

Immigrant Finances #10: Joe Chuck

Immigrant Finances - Interview Series Featuring Joe Chuck

I am excited to present the 10th guest of the interview series. He is an anonymous reader who goes with the twitter name Joe Chuck.

Immigrant Finances #9: Little Seeds Of Wealth

Immigrant Finances - Interview Series Featuring Little Seeds Of Wealth

I am very happy to present the 9th guest of the interview series – Little Seeds Of Wealth. This millennial blogger believes in the philosophy find happiness, live frugally and build wealth as a millennial.

Everything You Needed To Know About Payday Loans

You might have seen one of those stores in your neighborhood. You might have even walked past few of them. But have you ever wondered what do these stores do? How do they work?

Well, these are commonly known as payday loan stores or cash advance stores. In our country, the creditors usually operate through these stores generally in the low-income neighborhood areas.