Immigrant Finances #9: Little Seeds Of Wealth

Immigrant Finances - Interview Series Featuring Little Seeds Of Wealth

I am very happy to present the 9th guest of the interview series – Little Seeds Of Wealth. This millennial blogger believes in the philosophy find happiness, live frugally and build wealth as a millennial.

Everything You Needed To Know About Payday Loans

You might have seen one of those stores in your neighborhood. You might have even walked past few of them. But have you ever wondered what do these stores do? How do they work?

Well, these are commonly known as payday loan stores or cash advance stores. In our country, the creditors usually operate through these stores generally in the low-income neighborhood areas.

Immigrant Finances #8: Rich & Regular

Immigrant Finances - Interview Series Featuring Julien from Rich & Regular

I am excited to present the 8th guest of the interview series, Julien from Rich & Regular. It’s a blog, a mindset, a voice and a wake-up call to name a few. You might even say it’s our love story but if we’re really lucky—it’ll be a movement. One that reverses trends, empowers families and changes lives for the better.

The World Vs My World – Who Gets To Set The Rules Of The Game

Have you ever wondered if the advice you are listening to aligns with your “worldview”? Are you listening to advice that arises out of a certain view of life that may not be in line with yours? How do you discern if the advice is still valid and applicable to you?

Let’s question some deeply perpetuated and popular opinions to see if they should be taken at face value.

Immigrant Finances #7: Dreamer Money

Immigrant Finances - Interview Series Featuring Javi from Dreamer Money

I am excited to present the 7th guest of the interview series, Javi from Dreamer Money. His mission to to help #DREAMers and the #dacamented get rid of #studentloans & #consumerdebt. Build wealth to make money and serve others!