Immigrant Finances #4: Frugal Latino

Immigrant Finances Interview Series - Frugal Latino

I am excited to present the 4th guest of the interview series who is an anonymous reader that goes with the twitter handle @frugallatino. He chose to be anonymous for this interview and hence we haven’t revealed his real identity.

Is Emergency Fund Necessary?

Is Emergency Fund Necessary?

Today’s let’s talk about one of the sacred cows of the personal finance community – The Emergency Fund. Almost every personal finance guru out there will recommend you to have one and most of them would recommend you to carry some amount at least.

Immigrant Finances #3: Catherine Agopcan

Immigrant Finances - Interview Series Featuring Catherine Agopcan

I am excited to present the 3rd guest of the interview series, Catherine Agopcan. Catherine or Cat is a writer/blogger focused on educating people on how consumption affects their bottom line through the tenets of minimalism, sustainability, and personal finance.

How To Simplify Your Financial Life

How To Simplify Your Financial Life

I have written earlier that when it comes to personal finance why simplicity is the ultimate personification. Most of the complexity in your personal finance usually creeps in very gradually. If you don’t make efforts to declutter and perform regular housekeeping, you will soon find yourself owning isolated islands of accounts. You might wake up one day and realize how in the world did you reach there. You don’t want to spend your day worrying about tracking multiple accounts or remembering the due dates of multiple credit cards you own.

Immigrant Finances #2: Rocky Lalvani From Richer Soul

I am very happy to present the 2nd guest of the interview series, Rocky Lalvani from Richer Soul. He teaches financial planning and growing your wealth and help you avoid the mistakes he made during his journey to build wealth.